kossymix snowsurf wax


Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right.

I always had doubts about the traditional wax.
Choosing the best wax for a snow trip is always annoying with the unsure weather forecast of moody mountain. Because traditional waxes are for winning the race, and made to have maximum performance to meet some specific condition. Fine, but what I do is more complicated.

From dawn till highly noon, or even toward evening when the mountain calls.The spray under the moons spot light is decorating the night terrain too. During the trip, I leave the heavy irons in my tuning room, but want to adjust the base for quick changing conditions in the bowl I face.

I might not be the fastest on the terrain, but want to leave the best track on the mountain with this mighty wax.

Here is the answer where my idea meets the technology of with Mr. Takahiro Kashiwazaki, the racing service man and 2008-2010 Snowboard France National team supervisor.

Kossymix Snowsurfing Wax is now on my hands.

Have no rivals. Please yourself.

Oct, 2015 Junichi “kossy”Koshimizu


The Origin

We all have busy daily life, and have no time to choose and apply the layers of right wax.

“Kossymix Origin” is here for those strayed snowsurfers.

The stresss-free wax that works alone as both base and gliding wax for wide range of snow conditions.

That was the ideal wax I was long waiting for.

Glide, persistence, and efficiency, three conflicting characteristics are all in this wax with 100% purified Paraffin.

Yes, only paraffin but this performance. 100% biodegradable.